Under Lock and Key

lock and key

Under Lock and Key

R. F. Lange

The key glinted with the flickering candlelight.  Laced at her waistline by a thin gold chain, the tiny silver key bejeweled her mound like a diamond.

His freedom.

The cage hugging his crotch grew more uncomfortable. It had been weeks since Teta had allowed him to come, longer since she’d utilized the maleness between his legs.  Instead, Hunter’s services had been used to service her.  Kissing and sucking on her pussy.  Fingering and toying at her delicious cunt until her head flailed back and she painted her orgasm across his face.

The thought made Hunter ache for his own release.

Seeing her lying there in their bed didn’t help.  Teta had stripped down to a sheer, black bra concealing her heavy breasts, no panties.  She spread her legs just enough to expose the pink of her lips.  Moisture glistened on her slit, in the soft mound of her dark pubic hair.  Had she already been teasing herself?  Were his services needed again?

“I’m horny, baby,” she purred, dipping a hand between her thighs.

Her voice was soft, laced with her arousal. She tugged on the tiny metal key around her waist, smiling down at the thickness filling Hunter’s cage.  His mouth felt suddenly dry, his tongue heavy.

“Shall I pleasure you, my love?”

Teta gave him a come-hither motion with one finger.  The way she bit her lip always gave her an air of innocence.  At the same time, her dark, almond-shaped eyes shone with mischief, like she enjoyed taunting him.

Like she wanted him to beg.

He’d given the key to her himself the day they were married.  Teta had slipped a silver ring onto his finger with her vows. Hunter had given her a key…

“…to my heart,” he told the questioning faces of family and friends watching the ritual from the church pews.

Only the two of them knew the true meaning behind the key,  that beneath Hunter’s well tailored suit was a stainless steel cage that hugged his cock and balls, making it impossible to touch himself.  Only Teta had access to him; Hunter preferred it that way.

Hunter crawled onto their bed on all fours like an tiger on the prowl. The chastity device made his sex feel overwhelmingly heavy. It laced around his thighs like a jock strap, exposing the round globes of his smooth ass.  Teta reached for one exposed mound and gave it a healthy slap that made Hunter’s fair skin blaze red.  Hunter’s cock pulsed in its too-small cage.

“I love your ass baby,” Teta said, grabbing the cheek she’d just slapped and squeezing tight.  “Remember when I made you come just by playing with it?”

How could he forget?

It was the last time Hunter was allowed to come.

Teta had teased at the starburst of his anus before slipping one long, lubricated finger inside him, stroking his prostate until Hunter’s long cock jerked and spasmed thick ropes of semen across Teta’s new silk bed sheets.  He’d felt like he was pissing his load everywhere.  Teta had not been impressed.

She hadn’t let him come since.

His cock felt like it might burst from its cage by the time his nose nuzzled against the tiny key so close to her cunt. Tonguing her pussy, Hunter traced Teta’s slit until he found the nub of her clit hot and swollen, teasing and sucking on the sensitive bundle of nerves until Teta squirmed against his face.

“Mmm baby,” Teta moaned. “That feels good.”

Hunter bowed his head to continue but Teta’s fingers coiled in a fistful of his blonde hair, forcing Hunter to peer up at her from between her smooth thighs.

“What are you doing?” Teta said, her tone sharp.

“Pleasing you, my love,” Hunter said, worried he had done something wrong.

A smile teased at Teta’s lips.  “And you will,” she promised, stoking his cheek.  “But I need to feel you tonight.”  She fingered the key.  “All of you.”

Hunter’s cock gave an impulsive lurch in its cage.  The thing felt impossibly small, his sex contorted inside.  Hung as he was, Teta had purposely caged him in something a shade smaller. She wanted Hunter to be uncomfortable, to watch him squirm.  She wanted him to know he was hers.

“Kneel up, baby.”

Rising to his knees on the bed, Hunter presented her with the cage between his strong thighs.  His heart thundered in his chest as he watched Teta pluck the little silver key from its chain.  She was almost cruelly methodical in the slow deliberate way she took the lock fixed beneath his navel, cradling it tenderly in her open palm before slipping the key inside, turning it…


The cage fell away, nine inches of thick male sex finally freed from its prison.

Hunter took charge then, scooping Teta up bodily and slamming her back on the bed. Forcing her knees apart he sunk himself wholly inside her silken cunt.  Teta gave a sharp gasp at the sudden fullness of him, clawing at his shoulders, his ass, her hips rocketing greedily to meet each wild thrust Hunter delivered.

“Mmm, god baby,” Teta moaned.

Hunter kissed her, filling her mouth with his tongue and tasting the whimpering cries of pleasure vibrating against his lips.  He found the small of her throat with one hand, fingers clasping tight around Teta’s long neck.  Hunter reveled in the small, startled gasp that skipped from Teta’s lips, how her eyes glazed over with lust as he drove harder into her, choking her…fucking her.

He sensed Teta about to come, her pussy practically drooling around him.  But Hunter wasn’t finished with her yet. Not after making him wait so long.  Hunter wanted to make this last as long as he could, to give her just a taste of the exquisite torture she’d put him through these last weeks.

Rising like a Goliath over her, Hunter lifted Teta from the bed and put her onto her knees. With one hand he shoved her face into the pillow, muffling her moans as he slammed himself back into her swollen cunt.  Hunter decided he hated her bra and ripped it from her chest. He’d pay for it later, he was sure.  Teta was particular about her things.  But it was worth it to see her breasts flushed and swaying beneath her with each powerful stroke of his cock.

“Oh baby you’re gonna make me come.”

Her usual commandeering voice was now breathy and raw.  Hunter sensed her hand shift between her legs, stroking her clit and hurtling herself toward climax.

“Oh…babe…oh fuuuck…”

Hunter waited until he felt the first pulse of her orgasm spasm around his cock, for the arch in Teta’s back as it ripped through her.  He pulled out.  Fast.  Teta’s juices dripped from his cock, slicked his thighs.  Hunter slammed himself back inside her, except this time it wasn’t her pussy he was after.

The force of his cock drove a deep grunt from Teta’s lips.  Hunter’s fingers dug into her hips, flesh slapping against hot, flushed flesh as he drove himself deeper inside Teta’s tight pucker, barreling him closer to the brink.  Hunter reached under her to feel her heavy tits, to tug at Teta’s pert little nipples.

“Oh, shit baby!” Teta screamed in shock.  “You’re…going…to make…me come…AGAIN!”

Her hole clenched hungrily around Hunter’s cock when she came, flexing like a little mouth trying to suck him off.  Hunter couldn’t hold it any longer.  With one last thrust he emptied himself inside her—weeks worth of pent up sexual need filling her ass until Hunter finally felt drained.

They collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs, basking in the afterglow of some of the best sex Hunter had ever experienced with his wife.  Teta stroked his chest sleepily while he played with her hair. A fine sheen of sweat covered them both.  After awhile, Hunter drifted into a sated sleep, Teta’s head resting on his shoulder.

His eyes snapped open when he felt himself stuffed back into the cage.

Teta was straddling him, peering down at him with a coy little half smile, already clicking the lock back into place.

It felt like home.

“It would seem you can’t be trusted, baby,” Teta said, giving one of his nipples a rough little pinch.  “For now I think it best to put my toy back where it belongs.  It’s safer under lock and key, don’t you think?”

Hunter could only nod.  He watched as Teta picked her ripped bra off their bed, eyeing it with a frown.  Hunter knew there’d be consequences for being so rough, but they were consequences he could deal with.

She was worth it.


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